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November 04, 2019 1 min read

Well, I recently stopped by the Team Savages design lab to see what they were currently up to. While there, I caught a glimpse of a screen on a computer with Andy's name on it. With permission, I was allowed to take a picture of the image on the computer screen. That is why the image has a blurry quality to it.

I wasn't told what they were working on, but they did confirm that the logo is Andy Ruiz Jr.'s official logo. So obviously they are working on something for Andy, the new Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the World. Most likely it will be some sort of apparel, such as a t-shirt or t-shirts, or maybe a hat or a jump suit. All they would say is to stay tuned because something is coming.

I imagine it will have to be soon, with the rematch, Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Anthony Joshua II taking place in less than a month. The fight is scheduled for December 7, 2019 in Saudi Arabia. There will be so many eyes on this fight, I can't wait to see Andy do this again.

Go Andy the Destroyer!


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Savage Lifestyle

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